Heuristic Evaluation and User Experience Design

  1. Visibility of system status
In this example we can see that the user ordered food using the app, now he is able to see the following:
  • The system by default will ask the user if he actually wants to delete /unfollow or cancel so user has control and freedom for all his actions he performs in the system.
  • All the icon logos which is of difference shape and forms are placed inside a single square shape so as to give justice to consistency and there by maintaining the standard of a particular page or web.
  • This way there is prevention of a probable unintentional error.
  • Similarly all other call to action buttons are arranged in a proper way so that the user is not getting confused and he can use the application precisely.
  • This way the user gets a track of his transactions and also is aware in case there is any unknown transaction with his account.
  • Apart from the call to action button sometimes user might need additional information or might need to connect with the authority so its very important for all the websites to provide such options.




Imperfectly Perfect!

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Anuradha Mahapatra

Anuradha Mahapatra

Imperfectly Perfect!

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